“The entertainment factor goes to 11.”
“Karaoke—the crowd’s favorite part of the evening—followed the performance. Guests showed off their inner rock star on stage, singing and dancing with live accompaniment from Arlene’s Grocery’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Karaoke Band, which plays at the Lower East Side club’s karaoke night.”

John Varvatos Converse fashion show (featuring the New York Dolls)

“Signature band…best known karaoke night is a blast whether you’re a participant or a lowly spectator.”
“Reception ideas your guests will be talking about long after the last glass of Champagne:

Have awesome karaoke, on purpose. The truth is, if the party gets wild enough, there will be spontaneous singing with the band. Better to control that inevitability from the get-go………Want something with a bit more attitude? Try Arlene’s World Famous Live Rock ’n’ Roll Karaoke Band, the group that’s headed up the renowned Rock ’n’ Roll Karaoke night at Arlene’s Grocery”

Arlene’s World Famous is the house band for an incredible 18-show stint for the opening of Chez Andre at the Standard Hotel East Village!

“Master of the night André Saraiva chose the first Friday of Fashion Week to open his latest New York club, Chez André in the East Village’s Standard Hotel. Party people danced until dawn, sang karaoke and rubbed shoulders with New York scenesters Nate Lowman, Karlie Kloss, Mario Sorrenti, and Waris Ahluwalia.”

“NYC’s flagship for live-band karaoke.”

“The purist Rock & Roll Karaoke band.”

“This is truly a moment to shine onstage for those who aspired to lead an 80s hair band.”
“Monday nights host the extremely popular Hard Rock Karaoke, which is exactly what it sounds like.”
“Be your own rockstar… Those who have rocker ambition take to the boards.”
“Arlene’s is now an institution and their legendary jam-packed Monday night rock ’n’ roll karaoke kicks ass!”
“Best Karaoke night.”